Custom Clothing

Ultra Suede Soft (ST), Ultra Suede HP (HP), Leather

CHAPS . . . Ultra Suede (ST), Ultra Suede Ambiance (HP), or Leather custom chaps made to your measurements. Your choice of fringe or scalloped edges, with metal zippers, economical front buckle w/tip and back concho.

Ultra Suede (ST) chaps - Toddler - $125
Ultra Suede (ST) chaps – Leadline/ Children’s $175 to $250 depending upon child’s actual size
Ultra Suede (ST) chaps – Adult $450
Ultra Suede (HP) chaps – Children’s $350
Ultra Suede (HP) chaps – Adult $550
Leather Chaps – Children $350
Leather Chaps – Adult $550
Neoprene or elastic stretch panels available for an additional charge ($50).
Contact us to order.


Ever want to embellish your own clothing but can’t create the base shirt or jacket? Solve that problem by having us make your base garment. Made to your measurements from your choice of lycra, jumbo lycra, or stretch twill, the garment comes complete with zipper and finished collar. The under arm and side seams are left open so that you can appliqué or crystallize as you choose. Once complete, simply sew those seams closed and you are ready to wear you new, one of a kind, garment. Child’s garment: $189.00. Adult garment: $250.00.


Made from body hugging jumbo lycra or other fabric of your choice. These back zip shirts with traditional collars are made extra long to tuck in and include a removable “crotch rocket”. If you prefer a true bodysuit style, we can provide that for you too. Appliqué and crystals are extra. This garment is designed to be one of a kind and specific to you. Base price $250 plus appliqué and crystals. Toddler and Leadline pricing quoted upon request. DON'T NEED CUSTOM AND WANT TO EMBELLISH IT YOURSELF? Check out our line of DIY Horsemanship Shirts!!!


Lycra and lycra blend print fabrics are used for these front zip shirts that can be worn out or tucked in. Matching removable cuffs can be included at for a small fee. Crystals are an additional charge. Children’s shirts begin at $189.00. Adult shirts begin at $250.00. Toddler pricing quoted upon request.


Whether you want a one of a kind Jacket, or a full suit (jacket and pants), we can make them for you. If you want a jacket only, we have your choice of Refined Ponte or stretch twill. For full suits, we'll use stretch twill or other fabrics suited to both jackets and pants. Applique and crystal details are developed with you and with your budget in mind. Contact us for consultation and pricing quotes. Adult jackets begin at $250; (Suits begin at $300), Children’s jackets begin at $189 (Suits beginning at $225). Toddlers begin at $125.


Whether you need practice or competition unitards, we are pleased to be able to offer this service. We offer custom designs and team discounts. Please contact use for pricing.


The hottest thing in the show ring. Whether you want brocade, lace, lace overlay, rhinestones, or appliquéd – we can make it for you. Standard square, "v" and sweetheart necklines available and made to your measurements. Children’s vests starting at $125.00 (less for young children) Adult vests starting at $175.00. Toddler pricing quoted upon request.. . . WANT TO EMBELLISH IT YOURSELF? Check out our line of DIY vests - both bolero and hip lengths available.

Call us at 810-516-2249 or Email - [email protected] to discuss and order your custom garment. Please allow 6 weeks lead time during our busy season.