Sewing Retreats - General Information

Sewing Retreats are based upon your group's sewing needs. We can schedule either one or two day retreats. Depending upon the groups' needs we can plan a single day of sewing, a full weekend on completing a single garment, or divide the weekend into two sewing sessions. Subjects covered over the weekend can be customized to the group's desire.

Whether you are attending a single day, or a full weekend retreat, attendees will begin with a demonstration of proper measuring techniques. This will be followed by choosing the right pattern size based on your measurements, alteration techniques, proper pattern layout, cutting, construction and final fitting. Depending upon the garment being constructed, many techniques are discussed and/or demonstrated - zipper insertion, rhinestone and applique techniques, lining, lace overlays. While we cannot cut, apply applique and construct a garment in one day, we do encourage people to attend, ask questions and share their experiences. Questions are encouraged.

Attendees may attend one day of the retreat (their choice) for $175.
Attendees who attend both days pay $325.00.

Attendees will be sent a supplies list. Supplies and hotel accommodations are additional costs.

Call 810-516-2249 or 810-346-2305 or Email [email protected] to discuss an